Contemporary arts

WE’RE SURROUNDED BY THE PAST, BUT WE DON’T LIVE IN IT. The birthplace of the Hudson River School art tradition (groundbreaking in its time) is also home to the new. Just a sampling: The Greene County Council on the Arts  presents innovative, themed exhibitions in its gallery on Catskill’s Main Street, as well as site-specific shows and unexpected events like Patricia Field’s ArtFashion Venues like HiLo Catskill present art and music against the backdrop of a young, lively bar scene. Unique collaborations have put works by famed contemporary artists in a new context – on site at Thomas Cole National Historic Site and Olana – attracting an international audience.  The new Hudson River Skywalk  connects Cole House and Olana. And, the Village of Catskill is home to lots of people in the arts, too, so if you are, you’ll enjoy the company (and just imagine the studio space you could rent or own at a fraction of the price across the river).

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