On the river. Under the radar

WE GET THIS ALL THE TIME: “I live in Catskill.” “The Catskills?”  “Nope. Catskill.” “The mountains?” “No. The village. In the Hudson Valley. On the river.” So, first things first. The Village of Catskill (singular), on the banks of the Hudson River in Greene County, NY, is a relatively undiscovered, 19th century gem…

…not to be confused with The Catskills (below), the spectacular mountainous region just to our west, which traverses four counties in upstate NY.

TWO HOURS FROM NYC BY AMTRAK OR THE NYS THRUWAY and an easy commute to Albany, the Village of Catskill also happens to be singular in its beauty, history, and opportunity. Looking for affordable real estate in the Hudson Valley? Right now, you can own a period home here for the price of a studio in the city. But more on that later. For now, check out some views of our hometown.

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For map, click here.

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